Get Sport Jerseys Framed

It is surely a moment one remembers, proudly shares with friends around, when your favorite sports player signs a jersey for you. All you want to do is keep it safe for the rest of your life. Well if you have had any such experience, then you are surely lucky! But if you are struggling as to how to keep it safe from insects and stuff, then the best way to preserve it is get it framed. If you are wondering that usually we get our photographs framed, then off course you are right, but the same can be done with jerseys as well. But you have to make sure that the company you are handing it over for framing does not lose it or destroy it in anyway.  There are many companies out there who do frame celebrity signed jerseys, but the way the team at Art and Framing supplies manages it is unparalleled. And perhaps because framing is their forte.

If you think you can manage framing a jersey on your own, then think again, as you are surely mistaken. It is defiantly not the same as framing a photo. It requires a lot of art supplies and undergoes various steps before you finally see it on the wall, enclosed within that frame. If you are interested in just knowing, how they do it, here are some of the basic steps that you need knowing. The first and foremost is the frame, the material it is to be made of, the size and the color. For cheap jersey framing in Sydney, there are quite a few options available, and you can choose the one you like. The first is to have your jersey framed in a flat box and the second is to get it framed in the shadow box. Both look great, but having a shadow box means that there is more room for custom designing the outer layout. But if you feel that the flat box would look great on your jersey, then you may proceed with that.

The second step then is to choose the right material. Even here the client has a wide variety to choose from. Mostly it is the wood, but there are numerous qualities of wood available in market, and which one to use from them can surely confuse you, but what you have to focus on is that it should be of good quality. Apart from the outer frame, the molding and the matt should especially be made from a material that is acid-free. The glass used can be a regular glass, or one that is lighter in weight, but make sure that it is coated for protection against ultraviolet rays. The color of the frame can be any, depending on what you like, be it black, blue, brown, grey or any other color. As far as the jersey is concerned, you can either have it neatly folded or openly laid out. If the jersey is to be laid out, then you can place it front way up or the backup, depending upon where the signature is.