As per research 3% of the total Earth Island. The land proffers the habitat to living organisms. With the development of technology, a scientist invents several subjects that facilitate man. Besides these facilities, several components disturb the natural environment. The proper care is requisite in this regard. In this section, we will discuss asbestos inspection in Perth and contaminated land remediation.


Asbestos is a natural mineral that is made of silicate fibre and comprises fire and heat resistant properties. Asbestos is preferentially used in construction, paper, cloth, cement, and other materials. It proffers robustness to these subjects but the proper care is requisite as the fibre of the asbestos contains several contaminants in which some of them which are carcinogens. In the cases, when the asbestos is inhaled by the person, it may be accumulated in the human body permanently. Even, asbestos may disturb the genes of the human body.

Asbestos Fence Removal:

Before the 19th century, asbestos is commonly used in construction without knowing the health hazard effects so in the cases when asbestos fence removal becomes a necessity, proper care is requisite. The asbestos fence removal has to be done in professional mode. There are laws and regulations to manoeuver the asbestos fence removal technique protected for the people and workers. To avoid health hazard problems, the asbestos fence removal must be taken carefully and in the case of any delay, the following preventions must be followed.

  • In the cases, when the asbestos fence is corroded, damaged, and start to erode. It is a sign of danger that may proves as a health hazard mode. The signage of warning and blocking areas prevent the people to access the place.
  • It must be ensured during the asbestos fence removal, rather the workers put their safety suits, and respirators properly. The care of the workers is the priority of the state.
  • The 2-micron thick plastic sheet prevents the asbestos fibres from entering the environment as the rust particles.

Contaminated Land Remediation:

The industrial dump, landfill, waste disposal, pesticides, fertilizers, sewage pipes, and leaks are all the modes that contaminated the land. All these practices disturb the soil pH acidic. It cannot be able to nourish itself and develop fertility. The remediation refers to the treatment that may include microorganisms and treat the pollutants and contaminants in the water bodies, soil, groundwater, and sediments. All this may require the contaminated land remediation.

  • Chemical oxidation is mostly practised for contaminated land remediation. The chemical oxidants are injected underground. These react with the contaminants and destroy them. In situ chemical oxidation treatment is mostly preferred. It includes TPH, BTEX, and BCPS.
  • Soil stabilization and soil washing are also the treatments for contaminated land remediation that proffer a positive response regarding soil fertility.

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