What Is The Difference Between The Accountants And The Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers and the accountants are both the important part of any kind of the business. Although many people are not able to differentiate between these but these are two different fields. Bookkeeper is the person who is responsible for only maintaining the record of the financials of the business whereas the accountant is the person who utilize these financial records to analyse and classify various transactions of the business in order to produce various kind of the reports and summaries. The major difference between these two fields is described in the definition of these two. Bookkeeping is a simple straightforward procedure whereas accounting is not.

Are there any similarities between these two fields?

For some people, who are not in the field of the finance may consider that these are the different name of the same terminology but this is not true. Although in some businesses the bookkeepers also perform the task of the accountants because in order to become any of this you have to have the basic information and knowledge of the accounting and the finances. Although the bookkeepers cannot perform all the tasks performed by the accountants but since there are many automated accountants in Aspley software and tools available in the market which have made some part of the accounting very easy therefore, the bookkeepers are able to understand and take control of some part of the accountings.

What are the distinctions between these?

If you want to work as a simple bookkeeper, then you could learn simple basic courses of the accounting to get this job. There is not any requirement of the particular degree for this. But it is opposite for the accounting, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to work as the accountant. Apart from this, the bookkeeping work could not be used to perform any kind of the decisions since these are just the recorded data and does not provide any solid information which could help in the decision making but the accountant work is to interpret the data in such a way it becomes useful for the businesses and could be used to determine many objectives. The bookkeepers do not prepare any kind of the financial statements but the accountants do. There are mainly two types of the bookkeepers which are single entry and then the double. Some bookkeepers are also called the full bookkeepers who are the people who perform some other tasks of accounting as well apart from the bookkeeping. Although there are levels in the accountants as well and each one of this is based on the experience and the qualification of thea accountant.