Why Choose Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic glass board

The magnetic glass surface of modern glass whiteboards is an additional design element. Users can attach documents to its surface to prevent the glass whiteboard or the wall behind it from being damaged. Magnetized glass dry erase boards provide a wide variety of beneficial applications.

Better communication

The magnetic glass board facilitates communication between people in the same building or house. Notes and messages can be tacked to magnetic glass to be shared with co-workers without needing bothersome and sharp pins. This eliminates the risk of a youngster picking up a push pin or someone tripping on a fallen pin. You can use a glass whiteboard instead of a bulletin board to display papers like flyers and business cards and then write notes or draw diagrams on the white area. You may quickly alter the content and move the papers up and down to suit your needs at home or in the workplace. Some other creative uses of magnetic glass in facilitating interaction with colleagues, friends, and family are:

Creates a display space

Make use of the wall space by creating a calendar template for your glass whiteboard and tacking relevant papers following your timetable. One novel approach to finding lost items is to display documents that have been found. Post a sign-up sheet for tasks and events or a document that members need to sign. Members will appreciate seeing any letters of appreciation or thanks that have been tacked up.


Perhaps you’ve installed your glass whiteboard above a visually arresting map on the wall. Flexibility in the foreground can be marked using magnetic pins.

For brainstorming

Magnetic glass board can also be used for the brainstorming process. Pins or magnets are used to quickly rearrange mug pictures, photos, and other papers on a whiteboard, bulletin board, or transparent surface in some crime dramas. Usually, a flowchart or other brainstorming tool will organize these materials. Documents affixed to magnet glass may readily move throughout the glass whiteboard’s space. The text can be wiped and re-written, leaving no residue. The surface is ideal for encouraging creative brainstorming. You can put it to good use in a conference room, a shared office, or even your own private study.

Great for the art project

Incorporate magnetic glass into your next art project, like a photo collage. In place of a traditional cork bulletin board, a glass whiteboard with magnets can be used to create and rearrange a collage quickly and easily. You can experiment with colours, wall patterns, and transparency thanks to the surface’s transparency or the finish you choose.