Teeth Stains And Teeth Whitening Process


The most precious thing one can deliver to any other is a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile needs beautiful and healthy teeth. Keeping teeth beautiful and healthy is now a days very common in fashion. A person who wants to look pretty and flawless goes for best teeth whitening in Waurn ponds treatment. Some people have a genetically pale colour of teeth which can also be changed into a white beautiful smile. Dark yellow stained teeth, teeth with pale yellow colour due to smoking also affects the personality of a person. All this process of whiting teeth is called cosmetic dentistry. As people wish for beautiful white teeth and demand for this treatment is increased by time, so this clinic will provide every kind of service client demand for beauty and perfection in smile.

Special services:

Specialist provides their service in this clinic. These specialists can make the shade of teeth much whiter than a person already have because yellow teeth are not accepted by society. So some people want to make their teeth visibly white for this purpose this clinic provides the best service. 


In this process, the most commonly used chemical is hydrogen peroxide. This chemical works as an active component. Other chemical or reactant which is mostly in use for this purpose is carbamide peroxide. Both chemicals react in the presence of water. During the application of these chemicals on teeth, they both react with water and break down into elements within the tooth. This process helps in removing the plaque from the teeth because of these smaller elements of chemicals breakdown the hard molecules of yellowish colour plaque. This process creates a whitening effect on the tooth. Different processes and different chemicals are in use for different problems. Before using any treatments the team of professionals confirms the type of plaque and stain. They also confirm the process which can affect more than anything else.

Type of stains and their treatment:

Discoloration due to bad effects of anything which we eat or use in our daily life, may be due to the extra use of tobacco, some curries, and daily use of colour bubble gum or it may be due to some medications. All these kinds of discolorations and plaque are treated here with complete professionalism.

Some people wear tooth enamel which also causes discoloration to the teeth. Tooth enamels and coverings change the colour of teeth into a dark yellow and black plaque which are not easy to remove. For this purpose, the patient should visit the professionals and ask them to examine the problem properly. A proper oral examination will provide guidelines both for the dentist and for the patient about what should they do to recover the white colour of teeth. Due to this the patient will also able to know about the treatment whether he can undergo this treatment or not. After the consent of the patient, the dentist will start the process. As the process begins, the dentist will use some hand instruments to clear the extra upper layer of plaque. After this, they will be applying further treatment for perfect white teeth.